All Your Waste Management Needs

Our customers want full control over their pickup schedules and payments, saving money by minimizing costs and having all their waste and recycling needs handled seamlessly. We care for your waste collection and recycling needs regardless the industry you’re in.


Be it a house, a flat, apartment complex or estate, our waste collection service allows you to either arrange recurring services tailored to your specific needs or easily organize on-demand pickups within 24 hours. Whether you want general trash removed or only recyclables, our app makes it super easy to schedule for pickups and monitor its progress with timely notifications.

Corporate Institutions

Manage your business’ waste and recycling services at the tap of a button. With our platform, you can view invoices and billing history, have complete visibility into services rendered across multiple office and access to a dedicated support team.


Most waste companies only offer weekly pickups and this does not work for restaurants. We have a working system which allows us pick up your restaurants daily or at any interval you wish to have, while offering the best rates. Our technology allows you to manage multiple locations, keep clean and sanitary waste areas, and run a more sustainable business. With our help, you can join the movement to divert organic waste from landfills.


From guest houses to to 5-star hotels, Jumeni helps hospitality businesses take control of their waste. We help you become more sustainable by helping you divert plastics, paper and other materials generated by your guests.


Managing trash during an event and clearing it after can be a real pain. We provide an integrated solution that makes sure you have waste bins at key points of your venue and ensure that the waste is cleared when the event ends. In addition to the bulk removal, we segregate and recycle your events waste so you can reduce your impact on the environment.


We partner with you in many ways to ensure your municipality is clean and rid of filth. In conjunction with the waste contractors in your municipality, we can provide you with data on key waste management metrics to ensure all stakeholders are on top of their game. We also provide your community with educational materials covering our services and sustainability best practices.

Join the Waste Revolution

Connect and work together with us to end waste using smarter and efficient solutions