Jumeni helps waste management companies to deliver exceptional field services more easily and efficiently. We’ve created a suite of applications that enables you to manage their field operations end-to-end and integrating easy payment solutions for better revenue collection and customer service.

Benefits of Using Jumeni Waste Management Software

Eliminate revenue leakage with our industry-specific billing and payments system

Tailor billing plans to each customer’s preferences

Generate and send invoices to customers

Keep track of cash collected from the field in real time

Process payments faster using Mobile Money and payment cards

Map detailed invoices and payment transactions to customers’ accounts

How are you going to improve your profitability and your efficiency? Powerful data insights can help you discover opportunities and efficiency holes in your business.

Route statistics, driver productivity, vehicle productivity, revenue collector productivity, disposal statistics, customer profitability: these are just some of the measurable metrics Jumeni provides as a by-product of performing your day to day procedures and providing services.

Drivers, Supervisors, Customer Service Reps, and Revenue Collectors all have important roles in providing high quality customer service

One of the keys to providing quality service is accurate and timely information. Jumeni Waste Management Software consistently provides the operational data your people need to deliver exceptional service.

Jumeni was designed by industry experts and is constantly evolving to provide your team with the best tools to perform their jobs to that end.

Jumeni Web Portal & USSD Services reduces the burden on customer service reps by extending selected and secure self-service Jumeni functionality to your customers.

On this platform, your customers make complaints, rate your services, make payments, generate account statements and request for bins or pickups.

Jumeni the only digital solution your business needs. It is comprehensive, eliminating the need for other software to fill gaps. Our solutions are specifically built to meet needs along every step in the waste management collection process. Jumeni has different pricing plans for fit your budget and needs.

We take pride in implementing quickly and with minimal disruption.

Jumeni will be up and running in less time and with less stress than you imagined.

When you have a problem or simply need some guidance, a live member of our support team will pick up the phone.

We also have a library of help documents available for all users of the application.







Mobile POS system to collect payments Jumeni


data protection Jumeni

3rd Party Integration

In response to customer requests, Jumeni is working with a variety of well established 3rd party technology providers for the waste and recycling industry. From accounting software to fleet management/tracking systems and verification systems, we can easily integrate with your preferred 3rd party solutions.