You may have benefited from field service even without knowing. We’ve all waited for a waste truck to pick up our trash, a repairman to arrive at our office to fix a problem, or a delivery guy to bring us that product we bought online. Sometimes it can be a smooth and quick process and other times it can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Field Service Management (FSM) means coordinating work involving field workers or a mobile workforce from a back office. This mainly consists of scheduling, dispatching, invoicing and billing. Best practices consist of providing field workers with an easy way to access and manage data on customers and optimizing time to promote customer satisfaction while remaining as cost-effective as possible.

Field Service Management solutions provide the manager and the field workers with the necessary tools to better organize their daily work and therefore avoiding any related paperwork. These solutions combine technologies such as IoT and AI with integrated, cloud-based software, to create a supportive, enabling environment for field workers in a way that increases customer satisfaction.

What is Jumeni?

Jumeni is a cloud-based field service management solution that aims to improve the productivity of your field workers and improve service delivery to your customers. Jumeni seamlessly links your back office with your mobile workforce and customers. 

Some of the key benefits of Jumeni’s Field Service Management solution are:

  • Proper management of mobile workforce
  • Reduction on operation and fuel costs
  • Better customer engagement
  • Better revenue mobilization 
  • Increased transparency and accountability of teams

We help our clients to contribute to their sustainability efforts by providing a foundation for reductions in paper, printing, fuel costs and leakages.

How it Works

Managers use Jumeni to evaluate each field worker’s pending tasks and route before deciding who to assign a specific task to. They also rely on Jumeni’s map integration to be able to view the locations of their mobile workforce, making field dispatching easier and faster.  The software allows operations managers to track work progress in real-time, reschedule failed or delayed tasks, and keep customers notified on service updates. 

For field workers, the mobile app incorporates a calendar or list view of upcoming tasks and a map where they can access daily scheduled tasks. The app shows them their next order up for completion alongside other specifics. Field workers can update the work progress within the app, capture customers’ signature and print out receipts. This enables your mobile workforce to complete tasks quicker and provide a seamless experience for customers. 

For customers, Jumeni’s customer app allows your customers to connect with your business on the go. Customers can request services, make payments, report issues and leave feedback. Our customer app completes your customer experience by linking you directly with your valued customers. 

Field Service Industries 

Jumeni works for any industry that requires field service. Field service industries include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Waste Management
  • Courier and Delivery
  • Distribution
  • Energy
  • Telecom
  • Technical Service
  • Data Collection

Getting field service management right is very crucial. No service business can ignore the options available to ensure stellar customer experience. FSM is all about equipping your workers with the right trade tools to ensure a first-class service with very little interruption. 

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