Jumeni, a Ghanaian-based software provider for the field service industry, today announced the release of their integrated waste management platform for waste and recycling companies.

The Jumeni team has built a cloud platform that makes waste management operations more efficient, in a single solution. This platform offers six core solutions: Mobile Workforce Management, Vehicle Technology, Customer Engagement, Revenue Mobilization and Analytics.

Jumeni Platform

The Jumeni platform is inspired by overwhelming demands from waste companies looking for solutions to digitise their business and is designed to automate and optimize all business processes, from waste collection to recycling and disposal.

Jumeni Field

Jumeni Field is an operations tool which enables waste management companies to more easily  manage geographically dispersed field workers, by providing tools to schedule and assign work to field workers, know when bins have bins lifted or which customers were missed and track vehicle location in real time.

Jumeni Pay

Jumeni’s payment solution provides multiple payment channels for customers to make direct payments using Mobile Money or payment cards and tools for revenue collectors to receive cash payments in a faster and secure manner.

Jumeni Customer Engagement

Jumeni’s Customer Engagement solution is a self-service platform built to streamline customer-facing processes. This is intended to  reduce call center traffic and provide a more automated and lower cost communication channel.

Jumeni Reporting

Jumeni Reporting and Analytics is a Business Intelligence service which eliminates the time taken to gather data from numerous sources and allowing access to powerful business insights with focus on data accelerates business performance and avoids revenue leakage. This service makes available hundreds of reports which cover various parts of the business. This means that businesses can benefit without the need for in-house teams or external BI expertise or software.

Kevin Gawo, Chief Product Officer at Jumeni said “We are delighted to announce the launch Jumeni as a first step toward helping  waste and recycling companies improve their processes.” Kevin continued “As we launch in Ghana, we are building on our strategy to empower our customers with innovations that can help them achieve a more sustainable environment”.

Jumeni is available for trial. Book for a demo here.