It is evident that technology is vital in building and running any organization, especially in waste management.

Recent industry trends have shown how necessary it has become for waste companies to use field management solutions. Such solutions help to enhance the productivity of your business. With increased productivity comes better resource utilization and reduction in costs. This ultimately produces a healthy effect on the company’s profitability.

Here are some benefits of implementing the Jumeni Waste Management Software in your business.

Easier, Real-time Monitoring

By using Jumeni, you can easily track the activities of all field agents in real-time. Prior to the introduction of field service management software, managers had to wait for the field workers to provide paper-based reports, which was often full of errors and hard to manage. But now you can check the progress of your mobile workforce in real time without the need to meet them face to face or make phone calls every now and then.

Using Jumeni Waste Management Software will therefore help you in managing schedules better and get quicker responses to situations which require a manager’s intervention.

Cutting Revenue Leakages

Most waste companies employ revenue collectors who use traditional methods in collecting payments from customers. This can be very unreliable as your business is prone to unrecorded payments, theft and delayed payments. Our Revenue Mobilization feature replaces your existing manual processes with an electronic invoicing and payments processing software which lets you collect cash or electronic payments using USSD, a mobile app or a POS device. This reduces your revenue leakages by up to 30%.

Showing Trends

Jumeni Waste Management Software features a reporting tool which allows you to identify trends in your waste business – from field worker productivity to operations efficiency and revenue. With this, you can easily tell the areas in your business which are doing well or need improvement. You can show your team how their performance has been and hold them accountable when they fail to live up to expectations.

Customer/Field Worker Satisfaction

Your field workers will notice the difference when you implement Jumeni, and so will your customers. Our software turns your organization into an efficient machine, as bridges the gap between the management, the mobile workforce and customers. This improves service delivery and makes your customers satisfied each time you serve them. When a customer is happy, your employees will feel appreciated, and your waste company will grow significantly.

Better Access to Customer Data

Many waste companies do not have complete control over their customer data. Proper customer management involves ensuring that both the business and its mobile workforce have enough customer data to facilitate smooth service delivery. Jumeni allows you to store your customers contact information, including historical data on your transactions.

Keeping your field teams in sync with management has a direct impact on productivity and efficiency, and Jumeni makes that possible. Sign up for a one-month free trial today.